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Ukbestessays Review Of Systems

This review includes these questions answers;
"What means Web App?"
"What to do this?"
"How to do planning?"
"How to implement?"
"How to test and finish?"

In this context, i try to describe Web App's some features as generally and this app establishes our scope. First definition is we are talking about a web app which runs internet, will store user essay as single instance for per user. System has some user authority and it can be managed some features for example manage user, manage content, manage authority etc. Basically this app has tree structure for functionallity.

This part is described how to do plannig for this situation. Fisrt of all, developer determines customer determines. This requirements are divided into functional and non-functional requirements. The purpose of making the separation process is to ensure the verification of work to be done. After this process it can be implemented.

Before the implementation process, technology is selected to be used. This includes software language, database, ORM(Object Relational Mapping), design pattern and UI(User Interface). After these process, starts the implemening process with the selected technology.

Finally, when implementation process is ended, web app is tested as acceptance testing on the customer side before the app is published as live environment. If acceptance testing is succeed, web app can be published.

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