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My Maths Homework Book 1b Answers To 4

MyMaths for KS3 complements resources on the MyMaths site to deliver the curriculum in the most effective and blended way, but they can also be used very successfully whether or not you are a subscriber to MyMaths.

Problem-solving - dedicated problem-solving exercises built in to almost every lesson along with creative ideas for teachers to truly embed problem-solving - a must for GCSE success

Assessment - a banded system of descriptors (developing, secure and mastered) to measure attainment with level references provided

Planning and time-saving - thorough teacher support, with customizable lesson plans, links to MyMaths and full schemes of work.


  • official links to MyMaths resources to help your classroom teaching achieve a fully coherent KS3 delivery
  • a truly differentiated structure so that all levels of ability can access the new curriculum, including all the new topics
  • coherent progression through the KS3 phases, with 'learn it once and learn it well' philosophy leading to secure knowledge
  • a wealth of practice to promote fluency, underpinned by reasoning and problem-solving to build strong foundations so you and your students can be in full control of their attainment
  • highly visual student resources, making classroom delivery easier and bringing maths alive for your students
  • written by teachers, for teachers


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Series contains:

9 levelled Student Books - three for Y7, three for Y8, three for Y9

9 levelled Homework Books

3 Workbooks - one for each year

3 Online Student Books - one for each year, containing all three SBs for that year

1 Online Bumper Student Book, containing ALL Student Books

1 Online Testbank of extensive assessment material

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