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Free School Lunch Essay

  • There is no such thing as a free meal.

    Someone is going to pay for the meal somewhere along the line, the reason for this is that the money for the meal will have to come from tax payers money, eg. Your parents. And that is the end of my bit of this amazingly beautiful argument. Thank you for reading

  • No, it shouldn't.

    All public school students should not receive free breakfast and lunch regardless of their income because taxpayer's money provides for these meals and this hurts the tax payers. If parent's cannot afford to send their kids to school with a decent lunch then those kids should get a free lunch, but what is the use giving a free lunch to kids whose parents can clearly afford it? I personally don't even go to public school and my parents would be paying for these 'free' lunches.

  • Waste and allergies

    Schools should not provide free lunch because think of all the waste from the children not liking the food or the child doesn't eat veggies with this attitude there will be a lot of food going to waste. Also think of how many children have allergies 19.6% of Australians have food allergies the lunch ladies will also have to tend to every child's needs and there isnt enough time in the school day top do that.

  • I am too lazy to bring lunch.

    So you want the government to educate you and since you are too lazy to bring a lunch we will provide one for you, Now you get out of school and the government now has to find you a job or give you money for unemployment and or welfare and or food stamps and or section 8 (free housing). I make over $100,000 /yr and bring a PBJ sandwich every day. Why ? Because it is easy to make and cheap. Get off your lazy ass and help yourself for a change.

  • It will make the school lead away from their true purpose

    Firstly, if schools have to provide free meals for their students, they will have to divert from their true purpose - to provide the environment for learning to students. Diverting their resources available into creating free meals for the students will mean that money that was used to create new learning facilities will be cut in order to provide the free meals. Also, who is to say that the food provided by the school is even suitable for the students? Schools will have to resort to using fast meals in order to provide students with meals on time, and most fast food options aren't the types nutritionists will advise. Allergies will mean that food restrictions will be made in order to prevent an anaphylactic reaction. This will mean that it is possible for fish, eggs, gluten, nuts, dairy, and much more to be banned in order for anaphylactic students to be able to have and enjoy free meals, otherwise they will have to bring meals themselves. Isn't that discrimination to those we need to look out for most? We also need to take into consideration that not all students like the healthy options some schools will offer, choosing to avoid it. This will mean that students will miss out on lunch, which is even worse then having to pay for it. Free meals simply cannot compare to the care and love mothers put into making their child lunches, and only parents know the likes and dislikes of their child, so why step into their shoes and make matters worse? Diverting resources into food will also imply that the wage of staff may have their hard earned wages cut, or even lose their jobs, and on top of that, the school needs to provide even more money to hire chefs, nutritionists, and food officials in order to make the free meals. Australia is already in the deep end in terms of economy, and we definitely don't have the budget to support such a high costing initiative like providing free meals for all students.

  • There is a opportunity to do that. If you really need it get money support if you have to. So uh, NO! *seriously face*

    Let's face it the country is going broke. Just because they want to be nice they give the rich people a chance to have free lunch. If you can't pay for that is another thing, they have a program for that, but if you can pay you should this is one way that the school gets their money. If the school goes broke your child may end up in a bad school all because you didn't want to pay for school lunch. Well guess what you can pack your lunch if you want. Packing lunch isn't too expensive. I mean if you have to McDonalds is on almost every corner for a reason! Anyway that is just my thought. (P.S. It is right)

  • No students should have free lunch

    Feeding children is the responsibility of the parents not the school. School free lunch program should be eliminated. It is not expensive or time consuming to pack a lunch for your children. If you can't even do this simple task, maybe you should have thought about it before having them.

  • Cost is Too High

    Because the United States is already in so much debt, we do not have the money to be putting towards lunch for people who can (and can't!) afford their own. While it is true that school is a legal obligation, parents have a responsibility to feed their children both at home and at school.

  • Not all deserve free meals

    If you cannot fully support your child, dont have one in the first place. Those that can, sure, go ahead. But offering free meals to all is stupid. When I was younger, my father paid for school meals, and I enjoyed it, and shared it with my friends who couldn't afford it. It made sure I had vegetables and the like.. There is nothing wrong with that. When I got old enough I made my own lunches and there is nothing wrong with that. And my god it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for some bread and butter. You don't need to eat duck and cavier for lunch kids.

  • TINSTAAFL- There is no such thing as a free lunch

    In Economics, the first thing we learned was TINSTAAFL, which means there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone is going to have to pay for it. My school does have free breakfast, and is nice because its free and easy because its on campus. But so much food is thrown away, because they serve old cheap fruit, that no one is willing to eat. Now on to the free lunch subject, I think it should be abolished there was a girl in 8th Grade who was on free and reduced lunch, but she also bought chips, cookies, soda, and snickers with her lunch, and that would cost the same as a school lunch. And I believe its not fair for people actually paying for the school lunches, for the lunches to be of lower quality. When Im paying $2.50 for a lunch, and I get a terrible chicken sandwich, because thats the only thing that is actually edible, but I get the same quality as the kid standing behind me in line, who gets it free. And the biggest complaint I have is that if you don't have money in your account, or you forget to bring it. They don't even FEED you. But they can give it away for free, but no if a paying child forgets it, to bad for you.

  • Second Claim Paragraph



    Another reason school lunches have an overall [positive/negative] impact on [students/families/schools] because [provide your second supporting claim claim for or against school lunches.]


    • School lunches are a fundamental right ensured  by the National School Lunch Act enacted in 1947
    • School lunches are designed to provide balanced, essential nutrition on a daily basis 
    • School lunches can often be more affordable for families
    • School lunches are required to adhere to food safety standards
    • School lunches are designed to be combined with nutrition standards that can be taught to students and experienced every day
    • School lunches are less likely to contain foods that contribute to nutritional deficiencies or obesity
    • School lunches save parents time



    • School lunches take away a parent's ability to control what foods their child has access to
    • School lunches offer little variety and students often refuse to eat them
    • Providing school lunches is a financial burden to taxpayers
    • Students who dislike school lunches may be more likely to seek out unhealthy foods
    • Students may grow bored of a fixed menu and not eat the intended balance of nutrition




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    National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Information 


    National School Lunch Act Home Page


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