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Drug Abuse Among Students Essay

Essay about Drug Use and Abuse by Teens

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Drug addiction is becoming a major problem amongst teenagers. Nine out of every ten adults say that teachers should inform students about drug use." USA Today

Many people don’t even realize that they use drugs. Alcohol is a drug. It is the most popular drug in America. People also don’t realize that alcohol is addictive until it’s too late. Alcohol is also very dangerous. On September 13, 2000, I witnessed a crash by my house. A guy skidded across the road and ended up on my neighbor’s lawn. The windshield was cracked on the driver’s side. The driver looked at the smoking car and said that it was fine. He just needed to get it off the curb. When the police showed up, he asked the driver if he had hit his head on the windshield. The…show more content…

More people die from D.W.I. (driving while intoxicated) accidents that any other way. Alcohol is also fattening. Why do so many people complain about their weight, and they still drink?

What are the consequences of using drugs? Well, your school work will suffer. Many friends wont talk to you anymore, leaving you lonely. You will feel lazy and you will forget a lot of important things, memories.

Drugs are also very expensive. Weed goes for about twenty dollars a sack and ecstacy goes for around twenty dollars a hit. If you are caught with drugs, you will either end up in jail or you will be on probation. They might also send you to a drug rehabilitation center.

Drugs can also cause many different medical problems. Your brain, heart, liver, of other vital organs can become cancerous or have other malfunctions.

Death is also a great chance a person takes when using drugs. It is very easy to accidentally overdose on a drug. People who deal have an even greater risk of death. If they can’t the specific drug a buyer wants, the buyer might take out a gun and shoot the dealer.

Suicide is also a problem amongst teenagers that do drugs, Some people run out of money, and can’t buy any more drugs. Some people feel that they can’t stop and won’t get professional help. Some people feel that they have nothing left: no friends, no money, no job,...the list just goes on and on.

Depression is what causes most suicidal

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addiction rehabs
anya tomar | Sep 16th, 2011
Thanks for giving such essential information. Its sounds bad but true that today most of the teenagers are engaging in critical issues of various types of harmful drug addiction such as caffeine, cocaine and heroin but Cigarettes are most popular amongst the youth. Today numbers of teens drug rehabs are providing best treatment facilities at low cost. These rehab arrange different types of treatments according to patient such as outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment etc.

What are you Talking about?!
katie | Jun 23rd, 2007
Okay. Wow. Um, First: The Types of Drugs abused by Youths. You list lots, but where did you get your refrences from. Not just Crack, and Pot, Heorine, and Booze and Ciggarettes. Please, lets not be nieve. If you want to say how bad drug abuse is among youths you might as well be completely honest and upfront. You left out Meth, Mushrooms, Ecstacy, Painkillers.. Look man, im a full blown drug addict. I just got out of rehab, im only fourteen about to turn fifteen. I agree, its a serious problem. But you, like most everyone on this website, go on about how HORRIBLE something is, but you never actually Act on it. How many drug addict youths do you think access this website, or busy working mothers? Not many, Rarely any. Im on here, and thats about it. You need to get some more refrences, some more knowledge about drugs used by youth and re write this article and send it to like Oprah or Dr.Phil or something. Thanks. BYE. -katie.

Oklahoma Drug Rehab
nits | Mar 19th, 2009
Oklahoma drug treatment programs differ in the actual alcohol rehab services they provide and the patients the alcohol rehab program treats. There are federally funded alcohol rehab programs in Oklahoma for those people that are financially challenged, alcohol rehabilitation programs in Oklahoma for adults and adolescents and Oklahoma alcohol rehabs for those persons with private insurance and an ability to pay for a private alcohol rehabilitation program. http://tigurl.org/kovam2

drug treatment
vandana | May 7th, 2010
Drug addiction is a very serious problem worldwide. There are various categories of drugs that pose harm to physical and mental health of an individual. Substance abuse like cocaine, heroine, and marijuana may leads to death. It creates an impact on family and society as well. Drug treatment centers may offer a solution for addicts to eliminate physical dependency. But there is a need of awareness among each individual to understand the harm caused by drug addiction.

Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction | Jun 24th, 2010
Nowadays drug and alcohol abuse has been very common problem in teens and adults. Drug addiction not only causes physical diseases but also create behavioral, emotional and psychological problems in addicts. Drugs make the people physical dependent. It has been researched that youth involved in chemical substance abuse are unable to take right decisions and dealing with obstacles of life. Addicts can join rehabs to get drug free life. http://tigurl.org/dtcewmProblems-in-Teens/Drugs-and-Alcohol-Abuse.html

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