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If you’re getting a B.Sc in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, you might need a little help to tackle all of the vast assignments and homework you’re going to get. The first two years are usually filled with math-related courses, but after that, you’ll get into a number of different programming languages courses. Getting computer science homework help is not something to be embarrassed about, and you should know that most students welcome assistance these days. In fact, the increase in the number of different student forums and tutor websites online is only proof that students need help getting through their courses successfully. This doesn’t really mean that the material is harder than it used to be and that more students need help, it just means that students today are more open to the aspect of getting someone to help them and they realize that it is nothing to ashamed of. The only real problem is finding the right person to help you with the different courses and assignments you’ll have.

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The Different Types of Computer Science Assignment Help

There are many ways you can get help with your homework and assignments, and it helps to understand exactly what is out there and what you need in order to make your search for a tutor more effective.

The different types of assistance include:

  •        “Do my computer science homework” – to help you when you simply do not have the time.
  •        One-time tutors to help you do the assignment yourself.     Long-term tutors to help you with
  •        assignments and understanding the course material on a regular basis.

Searching for Computer Science Homework Solutions

If all you want is for someone to do the homework for you, there two main options before you. Please keep in mind that it is recommended that you do the homework yourself and only get it done for you in rare cases where you don’t have the time to get it done or if you already did the homework and just want to make sure it’s correct. Do your best to avoid making this a regular practice. a

Online Search for Answers

Computer Science students share a lot of information online so you can probably find the answers to your assignments easy enough. Simply search for what you need in forums or search engines. Make sure to be very specific – if you need to write a piece of code then search for “program in language X that does Y”. If it’s a math problem, try to copy-paste the entire problem. If that doesn’t work, search for homework answers associated with your specific course.

Hire Someone
You can also hire another student or graduate to do the homework for you or check your answers. If you can’t find someone on campus, search for graduates or students from other colleges online. There are many groups on Facebook and forums that can help you find these people. Make sure not to post what you’re looking for anywhere unless it’s “I need someone to check my homework”, or your professors might see it and you could get in trouble.

Getting Computing Help on a Regular Basis

If you’re more interested in getting someone to help you understand the course material and computing assignment, you should hire a tutor. It is not as complicated as it sounds and you are not limited to searching for Computer Science students at your college. There are specific websites created for this purpose – they can usually be found by searching for “homework help” or “online tutors”. You can easily find someone who has the same degree you’re getting and can help you with all the relevant courses, including math and programming. You can also compare different tutors and choose the best one based on their skills, recommendations, availability, and price.

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This site provides Computing teachers with an invaluable resource to support and consolidate classroom activities with meaningful homework tasks.

The resource includes exercises on text processing, modelling, data handling, programming, hardware, control, data representation, the BBC Micro:bit and many other topics.

The approach in developing the site's exercises is based on storytelling and humour. There is an emphasis on developing literacy within the material. To aid understanding, the exercises are supported by copious illustrations.

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What kind of things do students say about the exercises on the site?

BBC micro:bit 1 SOS 1
"Really enjoyed doing it
you need to go onto micro bit to actually create your duplicate sound it was quite hard to understand what you had to do hence why i got 0% for my first attempt because i had not realised that i had to create my own matching sequence." (final attempt 100%)

"Building a Model for a Holiday - Make sure you complete the spreadsheet on the computer. I did it on paper first and it went wrong. No need to put in £ signs."

Intro. to Graphics "Really enjoyed doing it if you read all of it you will understand it more this is probably the best homework i have had so far in ict because it's more interesting it's like a book if you get into it u just cant stop. i started searching more about pixels haha lol"

"Don't guess the command as there is a scale along the side and bottom of the graph. This website makes homework fun (kind of). It can be hard but it depends on how you see things."

Control 1
"Probably my fave piece of ICT homework not too easy and not to hard :)"

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