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Robin Ryan Cover Letter

Robin has spent the last 25 years having helped thousands of people like you land a new, high paying job. A career counselor that the San Francisco Chronicle refers to as “America’s leading authority on job search and hiring”, Robin Ryan has appeared on 2000 TV and Radio shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil, CNN, ABC News, and NPR. Her advice appears in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times.

Whether you need help with a career change, job search guidance, LinkedIn assistance, resume writing, or interview coaching, Robin can provide the expertise you need. Shouldn’t YOU be paid the highest salary possible? Robin will guide you on how to secure a significant salary increase from your new job or promotion.

Many job hunters no longer write a cover letter when submitting a resume, but employers say that is a fatal mistake. A great cover letter gets more attention than ever before according to a national survey of HR managers.

If you want to beat out the competition for the best jobs, follow the expert advice of Robin Ryan. Her innovative and simple step-by-step plan incorporates the results of an extensive, nationwide survey of hiring managers and HR specialists with numerous sample letters that landed interviews.

Ryan shows you exactly HOW to create powerful, attention-grabbing letters, avoid costly mistakes, and learn to effectively sell yourself and your skills to employers.

You will easily master her proven step-by-step formula for creating powerful cover letters so employers put you at the top of the stack.

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