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Your Homework Ms Mikami

Sis, what should I do?

—Reiko in the manga.

Reiko Mikami was Kouichi Sakakibara's idolized aunt, whom he lived with after moving to Yomiyama. She was at Yomiyama North Middle School along with Katsumi Matsunaga and Ryoko Akiyama in 9th Grade Class 3.


She gave Kouichi lots of advice on how to get by living in Yomiyama. Many times, Reiko stated that she hated the family pet bird, "Rei-chan." She seemed to get very upset whenever someone talked about the incident 15 years ago, when she was in the 9th grade in class 3. Also, at that time she didn't believe in the curse until her best friend, Ryoko, died. When she saw that day by day, more classmates and their relatives are dying, she wanted to find out how to stop the calamity, asking Mr. Chibiki about it. Reiko claimed that her eldest sister, Ritsuko, was the woman she admired the most and also her idol, and that she was very happy when she came to Yomiyama. She loved her very much, and Reiko frequently visited her at hospital after she gave birth to Kouichi. Also, before Kouichi came to live with her she claimed the fact that she would protect him, as Ritsuko said that she will protect him shortly before she died. At the end of the manga, Tamie Mikami said after her death that she would offer herself to take care of Kouichi as Yousuke can't do it, even if she met Kouichi a few times.

Reiko was fond of alcohol, and often ended her days with a drink. In the manga she seemed to be a fan of Sapporo, a popular domestic Japanese beer, and in the anime, she was seen fixing herself a "Red Eye."


Reiko looked young for her age, and was seen wearing a plain yellow top with long green pants at home. She had long, straight brown hair, and brown eyes. She also had her hair tied in a ponytail, wore a pink clip, and spectacles with squared lenses.


In Another 0 Chapters Reiko is seen in her younger days, when she was a student in the 9th grade class 3. At that time, she claimed the fact that she didn't believe in the calamity. Also, she often visited her eldest sister, Ritsuko who was in the hospital, shortly after Kouichi's birth. After her best friend Ryoko dies, she tries to find a way to stop the calamity.

In Episode 1, Reiko first appears at the hospital, when she visited Kouichi while he was sick. While there, she tells him information about how to live in Yomiyama, and which school he was going to attend. When Kouichi becomes suspicious about his class' curse he asks her about it, but she yells and says that she can't help him. She is Kouichi's aunt from Ritsuko's side and Class 3-3's deputy homeroom teacher. She gives her nephew advice about Yomiyama Middle School through a series of "rules". One of them, is to separate their private life from their school life, thus Kouichi addresses her as aunt or Reiko at home and Mikami-sensei at school.

In the original anime story Episode 8, Reiko takes Kouichi and the other to the beach resort to look for Matsunaga. They had fun on the beach and at the end of the episode, they witness Junta Nakao's death on shore.

In Episode 10, while Sakakibara and Misaki were looking at the pictures inside the box, they found a picture of Reiko painting. Misaki then asked Sakakibara if Reiko paints at home. He told her that her aunt does- and that Reiko considers painting her real job. In the anime, there were no episodes showing Reiko paint.

In Episode 12 the connection between her and Ms. Mikami is revealed. Also, it is revealed that she is the dead one this year. Reiko was stabbed by an unknown assailant and thrown in the river in October of 1996. Mei watched her die. After she was killed a second time, August 1998, nobody remembers her presence in 1998 or sees her in the photos made on the class trip except Kouichi and Mei.


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Kouichi SakakibaraEdit

They were very close and often spoke. She often gives him advice while at home; their relationship is very different at school. Sometimes in the manga, they have more relationship. Kouichi was shocked upon realizing that she was the "Extra" and before killing her himself (instead of Mei), he said "Goodbye mother" suggesting that he saw her as a mother figure rather than an aunt. In the manga, he sometimes attaches "-nee" to her name, a shortened form of nee-san, or "big sister." They are seen to have a stable relationship.

Ryoko AkiyamaEdit

They were close friends. Reiko was shocked after her death; believing that the "Calamity" had begun.

Ritsuko SakakibaraEdit

She is her older sister by eleven years. They were friends and Reiko admired and idolised her older sister and was very affectionate for her child (Kouichi) as seen in Chapter 0.

Mei MisakiEdit

Not much is dwelled upon between them. In the climax, Reiko was willing to shield Mei from an angry mob when they thought she was the extra. When it turned out Reiko was the extra, Mei attempted to kill her, to spare Kouichi the heartache. Reiko herself was obviously terrified and confused, going as far as calling Mei a liar when the accusation flew. Misaki is the first to realize that Reiko is the dead one.

Katsumi MatsunagaEdit

In Episode 8, Reiko along with Kouichi, Izumi, Nagoya, Yuuya, Takako, and Junta met Matsunaga on the beach to try and get information involving the Curse. Katsumi and Reiko were in the same class 15 years ago and seem to have a comical and good terms relationship as Katsumi says Reiko was a "shrimp" and Reiko says he is an "old geezer". They reconcile and talk about what they've been up to, with Katsumi bringing up another point on Reiko's death as he sought he saw and heard something about her recently.


  • "Talent is a key factor, of course, but without some luck on your side you're likely to fail."
  • "If you want to drive that slow, get out from the fast line!"
  • "I'm sorry Kouichi. There was nothing I could do."
  • "I wonder if my adulthood has increased since then. What do you think, nee-san?"
  • "I have changed. I...grew up."
  • "I want to become like my sister someday."
  • "Back then, I wasn't able to do anything. But now I must...If the disaster begin again this year, I will protect Kouichi. Don't worry, nee-san."


  • Although in the manga (and live film), she has her hair down and doesn't wear glasses as Reiko, and ties her hair up and puts the glasses on while teaching as Ms. Mikami, in the animated version these were switched. So anime-Reiko has glasses and tied-up hair while anime Ms. Mikami has no glasses and her hair down.
  • Reiko and Mikami-sensei are the same person whilst having different hair color.
  • Her home address is 5-1 Furuikecho Yomiyama City.
  • Reiko means "wise child", while Mikami means "three gods".
  • In the manga, Kouichi said that Reiko is a lot younger than his mother. More exactly, with 11 years.
  • In the manga, Mei didn't witness her "real" death.
  • When she was in 9th Grade Class 3 her best friend was Ryoko.
  • In the manga, the relationship between Reiko and her eldest sister, Ritsuko, is more pronounced and also closer than in the anime. In the first chapter of Another 0 she is seen standing at her memento and talking to her.
  • Also, Kouichi is more affected by her death. He is seen crying as everyone remembers how gentle she was. Reiko's relationship with Kouichi is more pronounced in the manga than in the anime.
  • Reiko's personality differs from the manga to anime. In the manga, she is more gentle, kind and heart-warmed while in the anime her personality isn't that complex.
  • It is revealed by Tamie at the end of the manga that after her "original" death, Ryouhei bought a parrot and named it "Rei", which is the abbreviation of Reiko.
  • Reiko was the second person the audience saw the color of death In Mei's POV. The first was Izumi Akazawa and the third (chronologically the first) was Misaki Fujioka.
  • Molly Searcy, Reiko's English voice actress is also known for voicing the titular character Akame in Akame Ga Kill! with Jessica Boone (Izumi Akazawa), Emily Neves (Takako Sugiura), Chris Patton (Naoya Teshigawara), Brittney Karbowski (Yukari Sakuragi), David Matraga (Shoji Kubodera), Clint Bickham (Yuuya Mochizuki), Christopher Ayres (Kouichi's Father), Margret McDonald (Aya Ayano), and Carli Mosier (Sanae Mizuno).
  • There are some hints that she died throughout the series:
    • Kouichi's grandmother saying that she think it was "a year and a half" since they bought the bird, after Reiko's funeral.
    • As Mikami, Reiko was the art-clubs leader and as she died one and half year ago, there was no art club during the second year as Mochizuki stated.
    • Kouichi's dad saying to him that it was a year and a half since they where there last time, although he didn't mention the funeral.
    • Izumi remembering hitting Kouichi with an empty soda can, and getting help up and Kouichi is hinting that he also lost someone.
  • Reiko Mikami from Ghost Sweeper Mikami shares her name
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Mr. Klein- 8th Grade Social Studies

World War One Internet Scavenger Hunt
1.Causes of W. W.I  List four of the main causes of the Great War.  
2. The Assassin Strikes!   On what date in 1914 was the Archduke Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo?
3. The First To Declare War  Which nation was the first to declare war?  
4. Unterseeboot  What is the nickname given to German submarines?
The Germans Become Desperate     On February 1, 1917, Germany resumed what policy? It would eventually result in drawing the U.S. into the war.
6.  Assassins of the Seas  What was the name of the British ocean liner that the Germans sank that  played a significant role in turning public opinion against Germany, both in the United States and abroad?
7. Thumbnail Bio
    What was the nickname of Manfred von Richthofen?
8.  Life on the front line - Describe the trenches
9.  Slang  What was the meaning of the slang term “Fritz” during the Great War?
10. Revolution in Russia  Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks (Communists) when they overthrew the Russian monarchy and took control of Russia’s government?
11.  Over There  
According to this popular war song’s “Chorus,” who would be coming “over there” to Europe to fight in the war? (Hint: it was slang for “Americans.”)
12.  Troops  What was the nickname of the American 369th Regiment? (see last photo)
13.  Trenches on the Web – Timeline

___a. Which nation mobilized the most soldiers?
___b. Which nation suffered the greatest number of soldiers killed?
___c. How many U.S. soldiers were wounded?
___d. (Photo) How many surviving British soldiers became amputees?
___e. Which nation had the highest percentage of wounded soldiers among its total mobilized forces?
14.  The Fighting Ends What was the original name for the day of remembrance we now call “Veterans’ Day,” honored each year on November 11?
15.  President Wilson’s Plan  What was the name for President Wilson’s series of proposals for peace in Europe at the end of World War 1?
16.  The Big Four  
The Big Four consisted of leaders from which four Allied nations?
17.  Seeking a Peaceful Future  What was the name of the organization that President Wilson proposed in his 14th Point? Its purpose would be to prevent future wars.
18.  The Seeds of World War 2   What was the name of the corporal who served in World War 1 and would one day lead Germany into World War

Muckraking for a Purpose

Nearing the turn of the century many Americans were convinced that industrialization and urbanization had created severe problems. The movement towards reforming these problems eventually became known as Progressivism. In this activity you will examine primary sources from this era. These sources will examine the issues of living conditions, women's suffrage, working conditions, prohibition, and African-Americans' rights. As you examine the sources answer the questions at the conclusion of each document set. When you have completed the document analysis you will be ask to write about the effectiveness of this reform movement.


1. What do you see in this painting? List and describe four different things that are going on this painting.
2. Where do you think the people are headed in this picture?
3. What different types of technology do you see in the painting?
4. Why might Native Americans have titled this painting “The Eastern Invasion”?
5. How is Manifest Destiny symbolized in this picture?
6. ELLIS ISLAND (R22 OR P. 57)
8. JACOB RIIS (R115 OR P. 66)
Immigration Scavenger Hunt

1. Immigrants Meet Natives Among the first immigrants to New England were the Pilgrims. What tribe of Native Americans lived in the Plimoth area when the Pilgrims arrived?

2. Why Immigrate? From 1607 - 1830, immigrants had many possible reasons for wanting to come to America. Name THREE reasons listed here.

3. Unwilling Arrivals One group of immigrants who came to America unwillingly was African slaves. How many slaves were in the colonies in 1790?

4. Tragedy in Ireland  Why did millions of Irish immigrate to America in the mid 1800's?

5. The New Immigrants What part of the world did most immigrants come from between the years 1880 and 1914?

6. Welcome to America Lady Liberty was once an immigrant herself! In what year did she arrive in the United States from France?

7. Give Me Your Tired The last four lines of the sonnet, "The New Colossus" is inscribed at the Statue of Liberty's base. What is the name of the Jewish Immigrant who wrote this poem?

8.  West Coast Arrivals (Scroll through photo gallery) Angel Island was sometimes called the "Ellis Island of the West." People from which continent made up most of those processed there?

9. Immigrant Poetry Read one of the poems written on the walls by Chinese immigrants being detained at Angel Island. How do the immigrants depict Angel Island?

10. Child Labor Many immigrant children went to work. List two jobs children did at the turn of the century.

11. Immigration Trends

Course Description

The eighth grade curriculum is the second half of a two year sequence in Social Studies that traces the human experience in the United States from pre-Columbian times to the present.  The course includes a study of the social sciences, geography, current events and U.S. History.  Students will have the opportunity to examine primary sources, use technology, write in a variety of formats, create artifacts and share their work with others.  By working independently and cooperatively, they will grow intellectually and socially and apply their sharpened skills to other aspects of their life.

Due Thursday March 1, 2018
Gun Control Socratic Seminar Packet
Due Friday March 9, 2018

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Alice Paul
Booker T. Washington
Carrie Nation
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Dorothea Dix
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Frank Norris
Helen Hunt Jackson
Ida Tarbell

Upton Sinclair

​Jacob A. Riis
Jane Adams
John Muir
Lincoln Steffens
Mother Jones
Nellie Bly
Samuel Gompers
Susan B. Anthony
W.E.B. DuBois
​Lewis Hines

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